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The Master Potter’s Fire Story
By Else Ahlmann 9 April 2016 2

Gregg Lindsley is the Master Potter behind the Six Sigma logo mugs. The photo shows Gregg at Six Sigma Ranch where he presented his pottery during Lake County Wine Adventure i ...

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One More Fire
By Else Ahlmann 14 January 2016 1

If you get the chance to go wine tasting in Lake County, one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll be greeted by friendly folks and tasty wines all around the county. But ...

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Fires on and around Six Sigma Ranch
It is fire season, indeed!
By Else Ahlmann 7 September 2015 5

Most likely, you’ve heard about the wildfires in California, and maybe you’ve wondered, “is there a blaze near Six Sigma Ranch?” For the first time since we bou ...

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