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Sheep grazing at Six Sigma Ranch
Sheep vs. Wildfires
By Christian Ahlmann 24 June 2018 4

It’s a little-known fact that most of the “golden” grasses that cover California are invasive species from Europe. You know, the dry stuff that ignites like a matchbox o ...

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Calf at Six Sigma Ranch-
A tough start
By Else Ahlmann 5 March 2015 3

The first calf of 2015 has been born in Asbill Valley, the 2-mile-long flat area with the road leading from our gate to the tasting room. In their daily routine, the cows go b ...

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Sheep at Six Sigma Ranch-
By Christian Ahlmann 18 November 2014 0

Part 1 - The Battle of the Green Stuff - by Christian Ahlmann. Once upon a time, we invited a mob of sheep to mow the vineyard rows during rainy winters at Six Sigma Ranch. M ...

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Lambs at Six Sigma Ranch
Babies in our Backyard!
By Else Ahlmann 1 November 2014 0

In mid September, we noticed that a young ewe in our flock was rejecting her twin lambs, so we took the two tiny creatures in, installed them in our backyard and went to buy l ...

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