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Sauvignon Blanc
The Magic Behind Asbill Valley Sauvignon Blanc
By Christian Ahlmann 11 June 2020 0

We met Sandy's wine-making skills years before we met Sandy himself.  His work at Merry Edwards appeared in a blind Sauvignon Blanc tasting at the ranch in 2010, and ma ...

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Six Sigma Wine bottles
Do I drink it now – or wait?
By Christian Ahlmann 12 December 2014 0

What happens to wine as it ages? Does it always get better? Is there a point when it is past its prime? Or the more practical aspect: Do I drink this now or wait? One of the ...

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bottling at Six Sigma Ranch
Bottling at Six Sigma Ranch
By Else Ahlmann 11 January 2014 0

Have you ever wondered where the bottling line of Six Sigma Winery is located? The fact is, like other small wineries, we do not do our own bottling, but work with a profess ...

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Harvest at Six Sigma Ranch
Harvest 2013
By Else Ahlmann 11 October 2013 0

The 2013 growing season provided ideal weather, and the grapes were perfectly ripe for a very early harvest. Typically, harvest runs for the whole months of September and Octo ...

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