We’re in the News!
By Else Ahlmann 26 May 2019 0

Flashback to July 2006: "Fine wine is real for the first time in Lake County. In the past, Lake County's impression was that it was cheap or part of a blend." Since this quot ...

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Sauvignon Blanc Grapes in Six Sigma's Lake County Vineyard Ready for Harvest!
Grape Harvest 2019 Update (Unfiltered Edition)
By Christian Ahlmann 5 September 2019 1

By Christian Ahlmann Can I level with you for a minute?  Grape farming sometimes scares me to death. In our tasting room, you see tasting notes like: "The ...

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Sheep vs. Wildfires
By Christian Ahlmann 24 June 2018 2

It’s a little-known fact that most of the “golden” grasses that cover California are invasive species from Europe. You know, the dry stuff that ignites like a matchbox o ...

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The Bootleg Cabin
By Christian Ahlmann 21 April 2018 3

Rachel and I made our first attempt to check on the Bootleg Cabin soon after the 2015 fires.  It’s a rustic trip for a 4-wheeler, and the result was a mission aborted.   ...

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