We’re in the News!
By Else Ahlmann 26 May 2019 0

Flashback to July 2006: "Fine wine is real for the first time in Lake County. In the past, Lake County's impression was that it was cheap or part of a blend." Since this quot ...

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A Word on California’s Vintage 2020 and Smoke Exposure
By Christian Ahlmann 17 September 2020 0

You may have noticed that 2020 brought some smoke to the west coast this fall, an almost welcome distraction this year from news of the pandemic, the election and the ...

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The Magic Behind Asbill Valley Sauvignon Blanc
By Christian Ahlmann 11 June 2020 0

We met Sandy's wine-making skills years before we met Sandy himself.  His work at Merry Edwards appeared in a blind Sauvignon Blanc tasting at the ranch in 2010, and made a ...

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Diamond Hunting at the Ranch
By Christian Ahlmann 9 June 2020 2

I had clearly underestimated the project when our 9-year-old yelled "Mom, Dad, you have to help me get this diamond!" He had his toolbox packed (I should have seen this as a ...

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You got married!? Why??
By Else Ahlmann 2 April 2020 5

You got married!? Why?? The year was 1971, two years after the original Woodstock music festival. Themes of the day were flower power, hippies, and “make love not wa ...

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