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Bike Race at Six Sigma Ranch
Over 800 Cyclists Return May 5th and 6th 2018
By Christian Ahlmann 18 March 2018 1

Flash-back to April 2017... Visible tension came through the crowd as 1st and 2nd place pushed into the final turn before the finish. With less than a hundred yards to go, the ...

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Yellow oak tree at Six Sigma Ranch
Fall Splendor – and a Mystery!
By Else Ahlmann 18 October 2016 7

Fall is a great time to study oak trees - and there is a lot to discover at Six Sigma Ranch. Leaves are turning yellow on the blue oaks by our front gate and on the majest ...

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guard dogs at Six Sigma Ranch
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
By Else Ahlmann 1 March 2014 0

The year had been the driest on record. During the 12 months following February 1, 2013, we only received a few inches of precipitation, barely adding up to 10% of the normal ...

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Bear chases small dog at Six Sigma Ranch
Bear Rules – DO’s and DON’T’s
By Else Ahlmann 8 February 2013 0

It is a rare occasion to see a black bear at Six Sigma Ranch, even if their paw prints are very common on the roads. However, on January 30, 2013, Christian and Maggie the ...

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