Kaj & Else Ahlmann

Kaj & Else Ahlmann, Proprietors

Kaj-and-Else AhlmannKaj and Else Ahlmann met in 1966 and started taking long nature walks as a pastime. They still enjoy walking and hiking together – now on the ranch. Natives of Denmark, the Ahlmanns and their four children relocated to Kansas in 1993. Kaj and Else purchased the ranch in 2000 and adopted it as permanent residence when they became empty-nesters eight years later.

Ever since Kaj, as a young boy, helped his granddad on the family farm in Denmark, he has dreamed of growing crops, but it took him a Masters Degree in Actuarial Sciences and more than 30 years in corporate life to get around to it. (See Corporate Bio). Today he enjoys seeing the younger generation “re-invent” the organic growing principles and the land conservation measures he saw on Grandpa Pedersen’s farm in the 1950s.

After an engineering career and more than 20 years as a work-at-home mom, Else enjoys life at the ranch. If she is not working on the Six Sigma safety manual or writing wine club newsletters, you may find her roaming the land with her camera, identifying wildflowers and oak trees, or searching  around abandoned homesteads to collect more info for a future edition of her book – “Folks who Walked the Land of Six Sigma Ranch.”

kahlmann[at]sixsigmaranch[dot]com  eahlmann[at]sixsigmranch[dot]com

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