Tamara Seabrooke

Tasting Room Manager, “Rancher Tammy”

What can catch salmon with bare hands, star in a children’s book, and run a tasting room with impeccable grace and hospitality? The answer is: Tammy Seabrooke (or, Rancher Tammy, as we know her around here, after she saved Topper the Pig from the wilderness, and became the star of the children’s book Topper’s Big Day Out.)

Tammy joined our team at Six Sigma Ranch as Assistant Tasting Room Manager in 2020, and it’s fair to say we didn’t have a complete idea of her skillset in the beginning. Tammy actually grew up on a ranch, and her experience in hospitality began about 30 years ago and spans from the West Coast to the East and back again, most recently at the Blue Wing Saloon in Lake County and Yes Bay Lodge in Alaska, where she met her fisherman husband.
And, yes, she did indeed sneak up on a giant salmon in a shallow stream and snatch it out of the water for a photo op.

More importantly, Tammy is an awesome human and a great team member, and we are honored to announce her as Tasting Room Manager at Six Sigma Ranch.

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