Rachel is in charge of the meat programSix Sigma Pastured Meat – the story

Our ranch-raised meat is in great demand and is sold exclusively to customers on our Pastured Meat List. Click here to learn about the meat program, or to add your name to the Pastured Meat List to be notified when meat is available. You can also call our office at 707.994.4068, or email Rachel@SixSigmaRanch.com. (Please note that signing up on the list does not entail any commitment!)

Grass-fed Beef

Cattle in Asbill ValleyThe story of Six Sigma’s pastured meat started with Russell Rustici, a businessman-turned-rancher from whom we bought the land for Six Sigma Ranch. Russell owned the land for 33 years and had up to 400 head of cattle. When he sold the ranch to us in year 2000 and retired close-by in Clearlake, he kept two cows here so he could stay chairman of the Cattlemen’s Association.

Of course, you can’t have two cows all alone, so we bought a couple more to keep them company. Guests at the ranch started asking about the herd and whether we had meat for sale. So, in 2010, we sold three steers by the quarter to friends of the ranch, and the Pastured Meat List was born.
More than 70 head of naturally farmed Black Angus cattle now graze on Six Sigma’s range land. They are owned in part and managed by Bill Davis, a well-known Lake County cattleman. The cattle live here happily roaming and eating what they love most: grass. They also serve as part of our fertilizing system by adding much-needed nutrients to our compost that is then spread in the vineyards.

We sell our mixed quarters of beef once annually in the summer. Click here to learn more.

Grassfed Lamb

Sheep in Michael's Vineyard at Six Sigma RanchThe story of the lambs that graze our property is intertwined with the winery. We discovered that our wine had more complexity in flavor and aromatics when we farmed the grapes organically. So, we introduced sheep in the vineyards to eliminate the need for synthetic herbicides and fertilizers. Sheep are enthusiastic mowers, and they fertilize in the process. Once again, guests at the ranch started asking for lamb, and the meat was added to the Pastured Meat List.
We sell our sides of lamb once annually in the summer. Click here to learn more.

Pastured Pork

Pigs at Six Sigma RanchAfter the success of the beef and lamb, we began planning to make use of the oak woodland on the property to also raise pigs. In Spain, oak woodland is used as a finish for the coveted Iberian pork. Iberian cured ham (jamón Ibérico de bellota) is prized for its smooth texture and rich, savory taste derived from such terrain. With acreage of pristine oak woodland, we knew we could make pork products that would rival centuries-old Spanish tradition. In the spring of 2012, we launched the Six Sigma Pastured Pork project.

Our pigs are crosses between heritage breed and wild boar. They live in the oak woodland and eat organic feed, roots, and plants. In the fall, they feast on the acorns as they drop from the oak trees. The meat is beautifully red and flavorful.

We sell our sides of pork twice annually in the early winter and late spring. Click here to learn more.