Bear Rules – DO’s and DON’T’s

It is a rare occasion to see a black bear at Six Sigma Ranch, even if their paw prints are very common on the roads. However, on January 30, 2013, Christian and Maggie the Dog got a close-up look as they met two young bears hiking on the road leading to the back of the ranch. Just in case you should encounter bears here, we’d like to go over the rules. (No guarantee – but they worked for Christian.)

Bears at Six Sigma Ranch

RULE #1:

If you see bears, walk away, dont run.

Christian followed Rule #1 – walked away.

Both bears followed Rule #1 – walked away.

But Maggie broke the rule and tried to play dog-after-bear with one of the youngsters. After all, it was smaller than the cows she loves to chase.

Bear and dog at Six Sigma Ranch

The bear changed to a completely different rule book.

It lashed out after Maggie and started a reverse game of bear-after-dog.

Dog, followed by bear, now ran towards Christian.

Bear and dog at Six Sigma Ranch

RULE #2: If a bear is headed towards you, lift up your arms; wave; look big.

Christian followed Rule #2. Bear followed rule – walked away.

Even Maggie behaved. (Technically, she broke second part of Rule #1 – she ran like she was chased by a bear).

On a more somber note, we are thankful that Christian kept his cool. And we are thrilled to live in a place with awe-inspiring nature.


Else Ahlmann

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