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Grapes, Birds, and Bears
By Christian Ahlmann 1 August 2014 0

As I write, the winery is gearing up for the earliest harvest in Six Sigma Ranch history. While the grapes are turning purple, proprietor Kaj Ahlmann (who happens to be my fat ...

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Harvest 2013
By Else Ahlmann 11 October 2013 0

The 2013 growing season provided ideal weather, and the grapes were perfectly ripe for a very early harvest. Typically, harvest runs for the whole months of September and Octo ...

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Pruning showdown at Six Sigma Ranch
By Else Ahlmann 8 March 2012 0

March 3 was an unusually pleasant day with the temperature soaring into the 70s. At Six Sigma Ranch, nearly a dozen professional vineyard workers competed in Michael's V ...

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There is more than one way to ostracize a ground squirrel
By Christian Ahlmann 7 April 2011 4

One advantage of planting a vineyard out in the sticks (and on a mountain) is that nature helps manage it.  The trees provide habitat for beneficial birds and bugs, inc ...

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