Eight Hundred Friends Dropping by Over the Weekend

It was Saturday morning, and the lawn at the old stage coach site was hustling and bustling with activity. A hundred people mingled as they enthused about the Six Sigma wine and food pairings. Across the road, a couple of energetic Border Collies moved small groups of sheep back and forth under the mulberry trees. History buffs and designated drivers gathered around the display that was set up to depict the pioneers who settled the land of Six Sigma Ranch.

A Kodak Moment

Folks Who Walked Our Land

Border Collie Herding Sheep

Six Sigma Wine Pairing

In a far corner, visitors took turns wrestling a pile of barrel staves into a perfect pot-bellied wine barrel; one young lady succeded and then there was a loud … crash! … as the bands were removed from the finished barrel and the staves fell to all sides, ready for the next person. In another corner, two dozen people were climbing onto a picturesque horse wagon, preserving the perfect KodaK moment. Just as you thought it couldn’t get any livelier, a San Francisco trolley rolled in and another group of joyful guests quickly hopped off.

What was going on? Six Sigma Ranch & Winery participated in the 7th annual Lake County Wine Adventure and, during this last weekend of July, close to 800 people paid us a visit.

Barrel BuildingBarrel Break-down

SF Trolley

We were thrilled to see so many old and new friends, and grateful to all our helpers who made this event our best Wine Adventure ever: Madelene and her team who created delicious appetizers to go with our settler theme; Colleen who brought in her sheep and Border Collies and worked with them tirelessly all weekend; and friends, family and employees who served wine, answered questions, took photos, directed barrel building, provided decorations and props, manicured the grounds and, in general, worked to make every guest feel at home.

A heartfelt “Thank You” from

Kaj & Else

Kodak Moment 1Kodak Moment 2

Else Ahlmann

One thought on “Eight Hundred Friends Dropping by Over the Weekend

Chuck Farmer May 1, 2018 at 1:57 pm

hello Else , my name is Chuck Farmer. Iwent to Lower Lake high school and graduated in 1970. We lived on the Asbill Valley ranch in the 60s. We lived there when Russell bought the ranch.My dad was his ranch formen. We moved onto the ranch after Bob K lleeman moved off.At that time my dad was foreman for a man called Tony Lenardini.Tony had the ranch leased before Russell bought it.When Russell bought it my dad became his foreman. My dad was the first person to buy cattle for russell.I spent many many days working cattle and discing the flat land and planting hay.I know or I should say knew every inch of that ranch.Some of the best parts of my life was spent on that ranch. I wish Icould have those days back..Thank you very much. Charles (Chuck) Farmer email sumcowboylovin@aol.com


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