Guide to Mountain Bike Trail Access at Six Sigma Ranch

Mountain Biking at the ranch began inconspicuously enough. We like to ride bikes, and we had 4,300 acres with fire roads and rustic trails, so we went to explore. But then Boggs Mountain burned in 2015, and with it a network of great mountain bike trails. That left our local high school teams without a place to train, so we sent them a note and invited them to the ranch. They came, and they trained. And then they brought shovels to improve the trails…

Seven years later, we have 12 miles of race-ready single track, plus a plethora of rustic trails and fire roads for guests to enjoy. We now host the annual Nor-Cal High school Cycling League Championship Race, an event that more than doubles the population of Lower Lake, and fills all the restaurants and hotels in our area for a weekend, all the way down to Napa Valley.

If you want to ride the trails at Six Sigma Ranch, here are a few ways to do it:

a. Coach a High School Mountain Bike Team! We offer free trail access to students and coaches.

b. Join the Six Sigma Wine Club or Pasture Club. Trail access comes free with membership.

c. If you’re not the coaching type, and not a member yet, we welcome you to demo the trails. If you want to make a contribution to the Trail Fund on your way by, that helps fund trail maintenance and… new trails!

Trails are open 9am to 4pm daily for riding and hiking. Please park by our Tasting Room, and sign in and out at the front desk.

ps. We love horses, and we rely on them to help with our Grass-fed Beef program, but horses and bicycles don’t mix well, so we reserve trail access for hiking, running and biking.

Christian Ahlmann

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