What’s a Pinzgauer, anyway?

Pinzgauer at Six Sigma Ranch-IMG_3060We hear the question quite often, and here’s a short answer:

Our Pinzgauer all-terrain vehicle was built in Austria in 1973, originally used by the Swiss military. Nicknamed “the Swiss Army knife of off-road vehicles,”it has 6-wheel drive and all sorts of off-road capabilities that can get any guy excited about driving it. We purchased the refurbished vehicle in 2007.

Pinzgauers are relatively simple to maintain, and ours came with a toolbox, supposedly sufficient to keep the thing running. (We must admit, though, that there was that one time when the woodpeckers used the vehicle as a granary, ruining the engine by stuffing acorns into all openings in the cooling system. That incident took a bit more than the built-in tool box!)

Our most popular tour includes a visit to the Diamond Mine Vineyard, located at 1,700 feet elevation. It is a lot of fun, but also quite dusty – so make sure to dress for the occasion!

Else Ahlmann

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