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If you follow Six Sigma Ranch, you know our story. You know that my father had an obsession with growing things since he was a child, growing fruit and vegetables on a rented patch of land outside his hometown of Aarhus, Denmark. (Do you recognize the budding farmer in the photo, taken almost 50 years ago?) You know that we came to the United States and started the first Six Sigma Ranch in Johnson County, Kansas, followed by this larger version in Lake County, California. And you know that we have three generations helping at the Ranch, because we all love to grow things.

The Ahlmann Family at Six Sigma Ranch - photo: Sarah Rice

The Lake County part of the Ahlmann Family, captured by Sarah Rice

But what makes our story most fun is that we get to make it part of your story. We like to grow things, you see, but even more so because you enjoy the things we grow. And we love to hear your stories. A few recent favorites include…

…the couple who celebrated their 25th anniversary with burgers. They bought grass-fed  beef at the Ranch, and paired it with Tempranillo in the back yard, then announced the burgers were better than any steak they ever had.

…the Los Angeles area restaurant that started pouring our Six Sigma Sauvignon Blanc when we first released it in 2006, and only stopped ten years later for a moment when they closed for renovations.

…the couple who camped by the tasting room in their Airstream trailer, then stocked it with wine for a tour across the country.

…the lady who booked a luxury cruise with friends, but insisted that the sommelier serve the Six Sigma Cuvée she had packed in her suitcase instead of the imported stuff on the wine list.

Guest stories at Six Sigma Ranch - Photo-1

…the gentleman who grows two dozen grapevines in his backyard, and came to the tasting room for tips on pruning.

…the couple who made Patty’s White Pork Chili recipe using pasture-raised pork from the ranch, and called a panic because they had people coming over but had misplaced the recipe for the second batch.

…the gentleman who brought Six Sigma wine for a tour around the world, and sent pictures along the way including one with a bottle of Cuvée Annette at the Panama Canal.

Guest stories at Six Sigma Ranch - Photo-2

Your stories make ours more fun. We love them! And the photos, too. Thank you for sharing – and please keep them coming.

Christian Ahlmann

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