Bottling at Six Sigma Ranch


Have you ever wondered where the bottling line of Six Sigma Winery is located? The fact is, like other small wineries, we do not do our own bottling, but work with a professional bottling company. OnSite Mobile Wine Bottling is owned by Sam and Sheila Schneider, and Sam rolls into our valley with his expertise and up-to-date equipment 2-3 times a year to help us get our wine in bottles.

Inside bottling truck at Six Sigma Ranch

Apart from Sam, it takes about a dozen people to run the line, from when the empty bottles enter the system, until the full boxes are forklifted into the warehouse trailer.

packing bottled wine at Six Sigma Ranch

As we approached the end of 2013, it got more and more clear that we would run out of 2012 Sauvignon Blanc before the planned bottling date in March 2014. We are  grateful that Sam was able to make an “emergency ranch-call” on a chilly Sunday in January to help us out.

Cheers to the team at Six Sigma Ranch

CHEERS! Pictured from left: Jacquelyn, Judy, Matt, Molly, Kaj.

Else Ahlmann

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