Diamond Hunting at the Ranch

I had clearly underestimated the project when our 9-year-old yelled “Mom, Dad, you have to help me get this diamond!” He had his toolbox packed (I should have seen this as a clue) and was marching down the driveway as he talked. We had plans to hike an area of the ranch with Lake County Diamonds (silicon dioxide crystals native to our region) that can be found on the ground, and he apparently had a specific gem in mind from an earlier exploration.

Lake County Diamonds appear in rocks shot from nearby volcanoes. The lava heats them up to melting, so they can be shaped like crystals or melted drops, but most are a combination of both. A few volcanic regions in the world contain gems like these, and our family’s Diamond Mine Vineyard at Six Sigma Ranch happens to be one of them. (This is the source of our Diamond Mine Red Blend available in the web shop.)  They can also be found in parts of Africa.

Most Lake County Diamonds are small and appear shining on the ground on farm roads (they emerge as traffic pulverizes the rocks they hide inside), but the specimen Caleb had in mind was not one of those. He had noticed it lodged inside a larger rock, and brought the tools to bust it loose. The result of his effort is pictured above.

Smaller Lake County Diamonds can be found with minimal effort on the 2-mile hike to our Diamond Mine Vineyard. You can find more information about hiking at the ranch here: www.SixSigmaRanch.com/visit

Christian Ahlmann

2 thoughts on “Diamond Hunting at the Ranch

Shelly Maples June 9, 2020 at 3:29 pm

I’d like to do this…I’m such a rock hound!


    Serina Jeffries June 9, 2020 at 11:12 pm

    I absolutely love diamond hunting! My kids & myself go all over the county trying to find new areas to hike to find them. We have so many we have found, but it never gets old. I would love to bring my kiddos and hike your ranch!
    Thank you,
    Serina Jeffries


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