The Magic Behind Asbill Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc wine with flowers

We met Sandy’s wine-making skills years before we met Sandy himself.  His work at Merry Edwards appeared in a blind Sauvignon Blanc tasting at the ranch in 2010, and made a considerable impression.  Then we got to hire Sandy in 2016.  And while we were already excited about our results from Michael’s Vineyard, we didn’t object when Sandy asked if he might experiment a bit with vintages 2016 and 2017, then add his own magic.

And so he did.

SandyRobertson, Winemaker at Six Sigma-A74Y5769-z-400x300

Winemaker Sandy Robertson

Vintage 2018 was hailed by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as “rich and ripe,” then “broad and generous, allowing citrus, [fig] and fresh herb nuances to develop on the palate,”  followed by “90 Points.

But we dare say he pushed Michael’s Vineyard one notch up for vintage 2019.   He still picked it ripe for tropical depth (but slightly less so for citrus-y zip) and stirred the lees for mouthfeel and complexity.  The result is our favorite yet.

Beyond vintage 2019, we will keep the same basic process and style, then embrace the subtle nuances each vintage from the vineyard gives us.

What’s your favorite vintage so far?  We would love to know!

Christian Ahlmann

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