Top 10 Things to do During “Shelter in Place”

Kids hiking by Asbill Creek
Photo Credit: Cassandra DeTrinidad

10. Call someone you haven’t talked to for a while. They would love to hear from you!

9. Send a letter. Remember how special you felt last time you got a real letter? You have the power to do that for someone, right now, at the cost of a $0.55 stamp. And you have time!

8. Inventory the toilet paper. Just kidding. It’s fine!

7. Cook a great dinner. Try a new recipe. Pair it with a great bottle of wine. Maybe even…

6. Fire up the grill! It’s lonely there on the deck, waiting for a day when you have “more time.” Congratulations! Today is your day!

5. Learn something awesome about someone you love. Ask questions and listen.

4. Send someone a surprise gift. Stores are closed, but websites are wide open. Pick something special for someone special. Just because.

3. Build a fort. No age restrictions (and no judgment!) Read a book in there. Or write one.

2. Turn off the news! Seriously. Do it now. You can check in again tomorrow. And finally…

1. Go for a hike. Exercise is allowed (with proper social distancing!) while you “shelter in place.” Hiking relieves stress, strengthens your heart and puts you in a better mood. Those all sound pretty nice right now, don’t they?

Christian Ahlmann

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