Grandkids studying flower guide
2020 seen through the eyes of the Ahlmann grandkids
By Else Ahlmann 8 November 2020 2

As adults, we work through the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic to be able to make wine, and to share it with our customers in safe and fun ways. We’ve seen crises bef ...

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A Word on California’s Vintage 2020 and Smoke Exposure
By Christian Ahlmann 17 September 2020 0

You may have noticed that 2020 brought some smoke to the west coast this fall, an almost welcome distraction this year from news of the pandemic, the election and the ...

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Sauvignon Blanc
The Magic Behind Asbill Valley Sauvignon Blanc
By Christian Ahlmann 11 June 2020 0

We met Sandy's wine-making skills years before we met Sandy himself.  His work at Merry Edwards appeared in a blind Sauvignon Blanc tasting at the ranch in 2010, and ma ...

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diamond hunting
Diamond Hunting at the Ranch
By Christian Ahlmann 9 June 2020 8

I had clearly underestimated the project when our 9-year-old yelled "Mom, Dad, you have to help me get this diamond!" He had his toolbox packed (I should have seen this a ...

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