Super Bowl Drama at the Ranch
By Christian Ahlmann 24 January 2020 1

Things will get weird on February 2nd when the 49ers play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. (Let’s be honest; things got weird the moment I published that photo on the rig ...

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Lake County: Terroir for Tempranillo
By Christian Ahlmann 6 December 2019 2

A Few Great Tempranillo Wines from Lake County You won’t be surprised to learn that Cabernet Sauvignon covers more vineyard acres in the world than any other wine grape, ...

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2019 Harvest
By Else Ahlmann 2 November 2019 2

PART 1. Maybe you read Christian's 2019 Pre-Harvest blog, where he reflected on things that can go wrong before the grapes make it safely into the fermentation tan ...

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Sauvignon Blanc Grapes in Six Sigma's Lake County Vineyard Ready for Harvest!
2019 Pre-Harvest Reflections (Unfiltered Edition)
By Christian Ahlmann 29 August 2019 2

By Christian Ahlmann Can I level with you for a minute?  Grape farming sometimes scares me to death. In our tasting room, you see tasting notes like: "The ...

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