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Contest winners at Six Sigma Ranch
Cowboy Cook-Off July 6, 2013
By Else Ahlmann 9 July 2013 0

The Forth Annual Cowboy Cook-Off was another memorable event for Six Sigma Ranch & Winery. The cooking competition is held every year the weekend after the 4th of July ...

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Flight night at Six Sigma Ranch
Flight Night October 20, 2012
By Else Ahlmann 29 October 2012 0

During Flight Night October 20, 2012, the 50 guests got the first chance to compare three different vintages of Six Sigma's three most sought after wines, Tempranillo, Ca ...

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Release party at Six Sigma Ranch
Release Party June 2, 2012
By Else Ahlmann 4 June 2012 0

With hay bales as the prime seating, the setting was down-to-earth, but the fellowship and the wine and food pairings were pristine. SixSigma Winery shared their new ...

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Winners of pruning competition at Six Sigma Ranch
Pruning showdown at Six Sigma Ranch
By Else Ahlmann 8 March 2012 0

March 3 was an unusually pleasant day with the temperature soaring into the 70s. At Six Sigma Ranch, nearly a dozen professional vineyard workers competed in Michael's Vine ...

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