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Flashback to July 2006: “Fine wine is real for the first time in Lake County. In the past, Lake County’s impression was that it was cheap or part of a blend.” Since this quote appeared in Kathleen Buckley’s article “Wine Country Moves North” in San Francisco Chronicle in 2006, Lake County has carved a spot on the California wine map. Click on the red links below to read the articles and follow the story of Six Sigma Ranch, Lake County volcanic soils, and the wines they are producing.

Kaj Ahlmann with Janet Fletcher's Book

Lake County, Six Sigma Winery

Janet Fletcher, Wine Country Table, 2019 – With Recipes that Celebrate California’s Sustainable Harvest

Christian Ahlmann and Sandy Robertson in the Vineyard at Six Sigma Ranch

Volcanic California – Lake County

Jim Gordon, Wine Enthusiast, March 2019

Record Bee - Chamber of Commerce

Member Spotlight: Six Sigma Winery

Lake County Record Bee, April 2019

One Day One Place- Lake County

One Day, One Place: Lake County

Carey Sweet, San Francisco Chronicle, January 2019

Meet the Vintners

Meet the Vintners: Kaj and Christian Ahlmann of Six Sigma Ranch

Adrienne Young, Californiagrown.org, March 2019

What Can Six Sigma Teach You  For Your Next Trip

What Can Six Sigma Teach You for Your Next Trip?

Christoffer Elliot, USA Today, February 2019

Red Volcanic Soil is a real gem for Lake County

Red Volcanic Soil is Gem For Lake County

Carey Sweet, San Francisco Chronicle, April 2015

Perfect Day in Lake County

A perfect day in Lake County

Sara Schneider, Sunset Magazine, April 2014

Else Ahlmann

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