Fires on and around Six Sigma Ranch
It is fire season, indeed!
By Else Ahlmann 7 September 2015 3

Most likely, you’ve heard about the wildfires in California, and maybe you’ve wondered, “is there a blaze near Six Sigma Ranch?” For the first time since we bou ...

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What’s a Pinzgauer, anyway?
By Else Ahlmann 10 July 2015 0

We hear the question quite often, and here's a short answer: Our Pinzgauer all-terrain vehicle was built in Austria in 1973, originally used by the Swiss military. Nickname ...

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Fiesta de Mayo
By Else Ahlmann 2 July 2015 0

The 3rd weekend in May marked the 11th Lake County Wine Adventure, and the 10th Wine Adventure at Six Sigma Ranch. (We presented the first three wines from our fledgling winer ...

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Lake County wines are the talk of the town this spring!
By Else Ahlmann 4 May 2015 0

On April 12th, we were featured in San Francisco Chronicle alongside lots of our talented neighbors. SF Chronicle freelance writer Carey Sweet spent a day hanging ou ...

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